What is Blackjack, we have the answer for you

If talking about gambling games in online casinos that are gambling games that are equipped with playing cards, then most of our people tend to think of Baccarat card games, but actually, gambling games in online casinos also have other types of betting games that use cards as a device to play. And it is also a type of gambling game that is very popular abroad as well, that is a betting game called Blackjack have you ever heard of Blackjack cards? If ever

do you know what a blackjack card is, the question is because most Thai people do not know. How much are blackjack cards? But if you say that poker 21 They would probably cry out in a row. Blackjack cards are similar to Pok 21, and today we have information for you about what blackjack cards are and how to play them

Blackjack is a card game. by making the number of face cards together close together 21 points the most or equal to 21 points, if more than that is considered losing immediately The points of the cards are divided as follows


-Card A is worth either 1 or 11


-Cards 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 That is equal to 2-9 points according to the number of the cards


– 10, J, Q, K cards, these 4 cards are worth 10 equal points.

 Blackjack cards have a method of playing as follows


1. Let the players bet in the squares on the blackjack betting table


2. The dealer will begin to deal cards, which will be dealt with the players first and then dealt themselves. After the deal is completed, the player will have 2 cards each, while the dealer will have 1 card, or it can be face-up 1 card and then another 1 card face down, with the player’s cards must always be worth every card


3. To the most fun step of playing blackjack cards, this step can be divided into 4 more steps:


3.1 If the player’s first 2 cards are not close. or equivalent 21 points can be drawn until satisfied, but not more than 21 points.


3.2 If the player’s first 2 cards are 21 points are considered blackjack, win at all, or just full. No loss


3.3 If the player’s first 2 cards are equal Able to split playing cards into 2 piles with additional bets required


3.4 If the dealer’s first card is an A, the defendant can place insurance by betting half the amount. from where the bet is placed If the result comes out, the dealer gets 21 points, the player will receive 2 times the payout, but if not, lose that amount And all that is basic knowledge about Blackjack cards to be deposited together for newbies and those who have not tried it yet I hope that this information is more or less useful