What is Baccarat ?

believe that when talking about gambling Must have the name of Baccarat on the top for sure. But those who have never played before must be wondering what baccarat is. This is a card game that originated in France in the 14th century. In the beginning, it was fun gambling in the palace

until making both kings and nobles very fond of it When the popularity spread to the villagers It was developed and became a famous gambling game of casinos and casinos around the world. Even now, many players choose to play and make money from this game

If you want to know what baccarat is, first you need to know the rules and how to play first. Which from a casino, a casino, or a baccarat website, all have similar methods of playing as follows

  1. Points of Baccarat Baccarat’s card points are divided into several types, namely, the numbered points on the cards are 2 – 9, JQK and 10 = 0 points, and A = 1 point. Players must combine the points from the cards in their hands. In the case of more than 10 points, count only the numbers on the back, such as 9 + 7 = 16, so it is 6 points. Which side has the closest score to 9 points is considered the winner in that round

2. Player’s side This type of gambling will be Divided into 2 major sides, namely Player and Banker, where those who come to bet can choose to bet on both sides as follows:

  • Player side bet, pay rate 1: 1
  • Banker side bet, pay rate 1: 1, deduct 5% commission. With the dealer
  • Tie a tie, pay rate 1: 8
  • bet a player out pair, payout rate 1: 11
  • bet the dealer out pair, payout rate 1: 1