What documents are required to apply for a visa?

How to prepare documents for visa application

when we apply for a visa Different embassies will ask for different documents. (Before applying, you should check with the official website of that embassy every time. in case there is an update) but the main documents that the father has ready when applying for a วีซ่าเข้าไทย are as follows

  1. Current passport with at least 6 months remaining validity (from the date of travel). You should decide to do a new book. Otherwise, there may be a problem of refusing to apply for a visa or refusing to travel from the airline.


  1. A copy of the current passport (this is a copy that is always attached) If you go to Schengen Some embassies will ask for 2 cards) and bring a copy all the time to apply for a visa. Because if you don’t bring enough, you have to pay for the photocopying fee there, which is expensive per page.


  1. Photographs: You should see the embassy requirements for sure. Choose a photoshop that looks trustworthy. Because they will know how to take photos to pass the criteria. Some embassies that are quite strict, such as the United States, may ask us to take new photos if they don’t meet the criteria they set.


  1. Work certificate (For people who work in a company or government) by a good document should be in English. The header is the company logo with the address. Contact phone number or email The body of the credential contains our name corresponding to our passport, job title, age of employment, salary, and it states that we are permitted to travel during our visa application to that country. If you work as a freelancer with your own company, you can submit documents about our company.


5.Each embassy has different requirements. Most of them are Bank guarantees or statements that show financial movements for 3 months or 6 months. Each bank has different expenses. The request was from Krung Thai Bank. The service fee is 100 baht per document. In addition, payroll slips are also submitted. The question that gets asked a lot is how much money do I have to have in my account to apply for a visa? This doesn’t have a definite answer. But make sure the amount is enough to cover our travel time. (In case we support travel expenses for ourselves) For people who have a lot of money coming in and out of the normal account, there is no problem. but low-income people Then the embassy asks for a statement of 3 or 6 months, should prepare an account to have money coming in regularly. To be reliable that we have enough money to travel in. Some countries may have a minimum daily amount requirement, for example, 80€ per day. If we go for 10 days, the minimum should be 800€.


  1. Travel Insurance: This is very important. Whether to go to the country that applied for a visa or not (Most countries that require a visa will let us buy travel insurance.) Po will have travel insurance for every trip. (Buy annually if you travel a lot.) No one knows what will happen during the trip. Going sick abroad is not fun at all. Plus, in some countries, the cost is very high.


7.Reservation Documents: Most will opt for a free cancellation option. Sticky protection if the visa application is not passed.

  1. Air ticket booking documents: will use the method of booking without paying first. There are some airlines that we can do this, such as KLM or through an agency, which may cost around 500 baht.
  2. Travel Plan: This will help the embassy be more confident that at least we do our homework. Where to go, what to do.
  3. Letter of recommendation: Very useful in case you are a freelancer because you can tell your story to the embassy to see more pictures. Maybe tell me what work How much do you get per salary? Where will we go?
  4. Other documents that show that we will go back to Thailand: For example, if we pay off the house, the car, the condo, you can submit this additional documentation to help show that you have obligations. Not a visa

However, I repeat that to check all documents as listed by the embassy on the official website again. Because each has different conditions for requesting it