profit over pocket

Baccarat card game is a game that requires tricks or techniques to bet. to increase the chances of winning even more bets Which most gamblers use techniques or formulas Help to make the analysis or predict the results to match the results that come out. Win and receive the specified prize money. For the money movement of Baccarat games in

many sources that have been mentioned, that is, the money walk formula 1 – 2 – 3 – 6 sure enough,

“Baccarat money walk formula 1 – 3 – 2 – 6”, set 1 unit: 100 baht. This formula is less risky. To get a big payoff

– if you are lucky you may only risk 2 units to get a payout of 10 after a 4th hand bet
– if you lose, you will go back to betting 1 unit
– so your loss. Will be the least with this money walking formula. That’s a good recipe.

Here is an example of a best case betting layout.

First turn bet 1 unit 100 baht wins
2nd turn bet 3 units 300 baht win
3rd turn bet 2 units 200 baht win

turn bet 6 units 600 baht win In summary, you will see that the total bet is 12 units if you are lucky. good wins all You will receive up to 10 units of prize money, amounting to 1,2000 baht. **Each time you lose 1 round, count 1 again. To use this money walk formula. You don’t have to risk every turn. If you read the card layout as And be sure

that in the eye that you will stab that out for sure The more you can successfully complete this formula up to 4 eyes, receive a prize of thousands of baht.

But if you are a newbie, bet on a reduced amount. Try to practice playing. Soon you will be able to bet better. And can definitely make money from this formula.

*Controlling emotions and greed important to know how to stop playing