Money Walk Formula 2 – 6 – 10

Online Baccarat Game Betting Sian recommends newbies to choose between Banker (Banker) or Player (Player) as much as possible because the chance of winning the bet is equal to 50 percent. This allows us to easily predict the outcome. Even if the payout rate is 1 to 1 or pays equal to the bet amount considered equal profit But there is a chance to win more than other betting styles.

For the money walk formula 2 – 6 – 10 in online baccarat How to choose the betting side Let the gambler see the eyes first. If choosing Banker (banker) side, wait for the chance that Banker (banker) wins in the previous turn. And start betting on the next eye immediately. Set 1 unit equal to 100 baht. Use a total of 18 units. Total capital 1,800 baht. There are steps as follows:

1. First eye, bet 2 units, which is 200 baht on the Banker’s side (the banker). If winning, bet on 2 units as before, or if losing, increase the bet at 6 units or 600 baht in the next turn.

2. The 2nd eye, bet 6 units, is 600 baht on the Banker’s side (the banker). If winning, bet at 2 units as before, but if losing, increase the bet at 10 units or 1,000 baht in the next turn.

3. The eye 3 Place a bet of 10 units, which is 1,000 baht on the Banker’s side (the banker). If you win, place a bet of 2 units as before, and if you lose, you stop betting.

4. If the bet wins every turn You will get a total profit of 18 units, total profit of 1,800 baht, stop playing and quit playing immediately.

5. If bets lose every turn . You will lose a total of 18 units, a total amount of 1,800 baht, should stop playing and wait for another opportunity on another day

. Will give you a chance to win from the 2nd turn and can win the game up to 70-90%.