Fantan Techniques

Techniques for playing Fantan online Basics about Fantan, what do we need to know?

Fantan is a bet. that many people are really skeptical of So what is its principle? Because in addition to having many options to choose from It is also an option that many people see and feel confused and very curious. Today, we will take a look at what this type of betting really is and how to play to get money, which before we get to the technique. to play Fantan online Let’s look at the basic principles. of this type of bet Let’s go first.

The numbers are drawn.

Usually the table of Fan tan games There will be many options. But if you want to get more money It is recommended that you try to choose a favorite number that is better, with the favorite number ranging from 1-4 numbers to choose from, which the odds of losing will be 2-3 times the bet. Suitable for hot people and want to invest and get a refund in no time which the selected number Referring to the results of the remaining fragments of lentil

paste double

this may be a little less money. But it is considered to increase the opportunity to earn more money. because we can choose Which pair can be posted? There are 6 types of bets to choose from, namely 1-2, 1-3, 1-4, 2-3, 2-4, 3-4, etc., which when we have chosen, whether it is out at what number still get money

Dual selection 3

We don’t really want to recommend this one. because in addition to the high investment chance to win although there are many But it makes the game no less fun. But if you are looking for an investment that will definitely make money. Because the chance of missing out is only 25 percent, it’s worth trying as well.

What kind of investments get the fastest money?

For those who want to earn money quickly, we think that playing Fantan should be overlooked from the beginning. Because until the end of each game It takes a lot of time to count beans. And although the staff is very skilled. But it still takes at least 2-3 minutes per round to count. or calculate the beans or button how much is left

For the technique of playing Fantan of many people. often not the same It’s up to you how you like it. But the matter of investment It is recommended to go down evenly and choose a pattern. Or the point to invest only once throughout the game is easier because at least the opportunity to earn money. will be at a minimum of 25 percent from all bets throughout the game. And maybe more if you’re lucky. which of course Getting more money each round than baccarat so we don’t have to worry too much