Baccarat History

Baccarat is a word that many people may not be familiar with. But for those who have gambled or gambler will be familiar with this term as well. because of how to play baccarat Similar to poker bounce that many people are familiar with. Baccarat is regarded as one of the most popular card games nowadays. This popularity has spread

greatly in the gambling industry. Make Baccarat available in every casino. Whether the casino is a casino or a casino or an online casino. The distinctiveness of the baccarat game that gamblers love is that it is a game that can make money quickly. Because each game of baccarat takes very little time to play. It only takes a short time to know

the result of losing and winning. Therefore, it is very pleasing to the gambler. Many players may have played baccarat games before. But may still not know what baccarat really is and how it has its history. Therefore, in this article

Baccarat History

Baccarat is a betting game that uses cards as a device to play. The word “Baccarat” is a word that comes from the French “BACCARAT” that has its origin from the Italian word “BACCARA” which means “zero”. The center here will mean points. center which is the highest face value on the cards used in playing baccarat From studying the history of

baccarat gambling game experts. It is assumed that baccarat originated from the game “BACCARA” of Italy. Which was invented by an Italian gambler named Felix Falguiren. Felix is ​​believed to have come up with the idea from the religious rituals of Etruscan civilization. as old as 1500 BC. The purpose of the ritual was to find a young woman to

be a priestess in the religion. Using a 9-faced dice guessing method, if a young woman rolls the dice and the result is a face number 8 or 9, which is the point equal to or close to the number of worshiped gods The Etruscans worshiped 9 gods. That girl will be selected. But if the dice is rolled and the result is in front of the number 6 or 7, it will

not be selected. If the dice is rolled and the face has a smaller number, it may mean the death of the young woman.

In addition, some experts have commented that The structure of baccarat It is very similar to the French Blackjack. therefore assumed that Baccarat probably originated from playing blackjack in France. In the early 19th century as well, which coincided with the reign of Louis Philippe who was in the years 1793 – 1850 by the early 19th century, the game of Baccarat was the most popular in Riviera City Casino There will be 2 types of playing styles, namely Type 1, Baccarat, Schema de Fere. The player who places the highest bet will be the dealer. And the player who placed the second highest bet will be the representative of the remaining players. In playing bets with the banker and type 2, Baccarat, Unbak The casino will be the dealer and the dealer is responsible for dealing cards to the players. The characteristics of the baccarat table will have seats for the left and right players, 5 players on each side. Only 1 representative per side will participate in betting with the dealer.

The history of the game of baccarat in the United States. The game of baccarat made its way into the United States in the early 1911-1912 era, but it was not very popular. Because most Americans are more popular to play blackjack. Until 1959, Tommy Renson brought the game of Baccarat from Cuba to America. by invention New rules and rules of play And then used to play in the casino Capri In the state of Havana Then during the Castro seized power from the government of President Batista. Renzoni relocated to Las Vegas to work as the Sandz Hotel’s casino operator. Baccarat has been very popular in the United States. To this day, Tommy Renzoni is known as the father of the American version of baccarat. Because he was the one who invented the rules of the American version of baccarat up there.