Baccarat formula, good beat wins

For those who like to play Baccarat (Baccarat), Baccarat online. There are many ways to play. But sometimes focusing on using the formula alone may not be enough to place bets on live baccarat card games. Is there a need for a recipe? The answer to this depends on the individual playing style, baccarat theory, other technical formulas come together. For example, today we will lift things. Techniques for playing baccarat which was made up from the actual playing experience of one of you written It is about the money, as detailed below

: “If we follow the pattern of cards. And it is still according to the pattern, so you can put it in the mags.”

Techniques for topping up money in baccarat games and other online casinos, playing baccarat online It’s not as difficult as many people think. can use free time to play Earn thousands of baht per day easily You just need to know the rhythm. know how to analyze play mindfully Knowing when to gain or lose Recommend that only online casinos. Because playing in the casino uses a chip as a dead chip, no need to top up. get into each other The formula for playing baccarat in addition to looking at the cards. Top-up, also known as walking money, is something that should be paid attention to. Because many people can play a lot, but when they lose, they may lose at betting with just one eye as well. And this is a money walking trick that many gamblers use. and succeed

Tips for online baccarat, how to make a profit that will help you, let’s see what it is

1. Double the stab.

This formula is suitable for those with heavy capital. Because you will have to bet twice as much. More and more until you win. For example, you place your bet from as low as 200 and lose (lose money). The next turn you will double your bet to 400 and if it still loses. You have to double your bet like this until you win, and when you win, return to the lowest minimum. In which placing bets like this, there is another limitation. The website that provides the service must not limit the maximum amount of bets placed. Will be able to bet quite high.

2. Repeat after winning.

This formula is to bring the winning money from that eye to roll up the bet in the next 1 round and return to place the minimum amount. Keep doing this. For example, for the first turn we bet 100 and win, then we get another 100, we add that one hundred to 200. This will be our stake for the next turn. We place 200. And if we win again, we get

  1. This time we have 400, but we’ll stop here. and then return to deposit at the minimum again But if there is a stab and then lose We will go back down to the minimum bet indefinitely until then stabbed repeatedly

    3. stabbed by the current

    thrust by the current model. Also known in Baccarat terminology as “Dragon” (consecutive wins until the length is like a dragon’s tail), this formula is very popular, that is, betting on the winning side means that we will see which side. winning and wins more than 3 consecutive turns, if in the next turn he still wins We keep going downhill until the other side wins.

    4. Ping-pong technique or alternating thrust

    When we look at the statistics, there is a tendency for each side to win alternately, that is, Banker and Player win alternately. Like this, we keep alternating until there is a winner or loser repeatedly and then stop.

    5. Play Ba Kara safety first

    This Baccarat formula is to place bets that are limited to the deposit limit, not more than 10% or 1/10th of the capital. For example, if we have a capital of 4,000, we will place the first bet at 400. Do not exceed this and if we win. We will reduce the bet to less than 400, for example 300, this time win again. In the next turn we drop another, for example 200, and still win. The next turn also decreases, for example 100 wins again, decreases again, such as 50, and then goes down 50 consecutively until you lose. When you lose, you come back to your first bet, which is 400. This is a safe play for yourself. myself Reduce the loss rate even further

    6. Use the bonus, make profit.

    Each site has different bonuses for each occasion. but mostly Every website has an initial bonus, such as a 100% free credit bonus. There are also other types of bonuses, such as if depositing money during the promotion period will receive an additional 10%, etc.

    7. When the goal is reached, stop playing.

    We will stop playing when we get this profit. We set it up according to our capital. May be set at 30% or 50% of the available capital, for example, have a capital of 4,000, and then set a goal to stop playing when the profit is 2,000 (50%), after that, stop playing immediately. And don’t forget to set goals for your losses as well. to not lose more than today Because today we may not have luck. come back to play Doing so will prevent us from becoming obsessed with it.